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The Scientific and Cultural Iberoamerican Newsletter, NCC, was launched in August of 2017, in Medellin, Colombia, by the Association of Ibero-American Educational and Cultural Television (ATEI), with the main purpose of supporting the dissemination of science, technology and the culture in the region.

The NCC is distributed in Spanish and Portuguese, to more than 171 Ibero-American entities, including broadcasting systems, open TV channels and DTH, as well as WebTV platforms (consult partners), which also provide informative notes, enriched with the collaboration of the news agencies AFP, Deutsche Welle, EFE, Notimex and Xinhua.

After its first year of broadcasts, #NoticiasNCC has issued more than 960 informative notes, 105 weekly programs and 2 special end-of-year programs estimating up to 80 million spectators and netizens throughout Ibero-America.

Ga­briel To­rres
Pre­si­den­te del Con­se­jo Di­rec­ti­vo de ATEI

NCC Advisory Board

Omar García
Coor­di­na­do­r Ge­ne­ral

Iván Ca­rri­llo

Ana Cris­ti­na Ol­ve­ra

Pe­dro Cór­do­ba

Die­go Suá­rez

Daf­ne Al­fa­ro
Editorial Coordinator - Website and Social Media

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